• stop forced closure of aboriginal communities (17 of 23) cropped
  • syd we are watching (38 of 95) cropped
  • sca oct 6 (19 of 81)
  • sydney says yes (15 of 128) cropped
  • perth ppl climate march 2015 (18 of 26)
  • Palm Sunday 2017 Sydney (32 of 65)
  • palm sunday perth 2015 (10 of 17)
  • stop adani marrackville (30 of 54) cropped
  • bring them here aug 2016 (45 of 96)
  • lizards-revenge-zombie-march-35_7578898338_o cropped

Zebedee Parkes

Hello, welcome to my fotomerchant store where you can buy high quality prints of my photos spanning the last decade of political activism in Australia.

The photos are professionally printed at photo labs and shipped to your address.

All money raised goes back into continuing to support and photograph social justice and environmental campaigns.

If you have ever felt like supporting my work, this is a great way of doing it. There is even a $5 option to buy a digital copy of your favourite photo and use it how you like.

If you are looking for my main website and blog go here: ZebedeeParkes.com

Photos are for personal use, if you wish to use photographs for other purposes (such as in a book) please contact me at zeb.parkes@gmail.com